Language Tourism Program
The language is no longer confined to its sound, morphological and grammatical system and knowledge of its four skills, but has extended to the cultural and social system that accompanies all communication attitudes. Consequently, understanding  the language, its culture and native speakers, and its social and historical contexts becomes a goal of learning the second language. Language is a true embodiment of ideas, beliefs and cultures in a human society, an expression of their identity and vision of life and the universe, and a mirror of society and its diverse cultural, aesthetic and moral activities. Many researchers confirm this combination of language and its society, with all its components, outputs and accumulations.
     This close relationship makes us put the language in its social context, and connect the learners with  teaching programs of the foreign language in the contexts in which there are communicative attitudes and the linguistic and cultural signals that they carry, so that he can speak as the native speaker, hence, this is why the language tourism program for learning the Turkish language  organized by Rimar Academy is important.

Introducing the Program:
    It is a strategy adopted by the Academy to engage learners directly with the students of the objective language trained to be linguistic partners and implementing the process of linguistic immersion within the activities of the academy in the Turkish Republic, which is intended as temporary tourist residence in Turkey, to reside in the country of the language target, and communicate directly with the local reception families and guest houses prepared for this program, the learner finds himself immersed in the cultural and social environment of the Arabic language fully immersed.
The program will be divided according to the levels and programs provided.

1- Adapting the tourism field to teach the Turkish language through the creation of tourist-language spaces.
2- Introducing the learner-tourist to the history of the Turkish Republic and its various attractions.
3- Integrating learners into Turkish daily life, and learning the language in its living cultural and social environment.
4- Immersing students in cultural components, adapted to the way of life and lifestyle  of Turkish society, and stand on its thinking and expressive ways.
5- Removing loneliness and isolation, overcoming psychological, cultural and linguistic barriers that can be faced by the learner, and strengthening self-confidence and motivation to learn Turkish.
6- Students immerse themselves in the language environment to mingle with their members and get to know their language habits closely, which contributes to accelerating the learning process, developing language skills, and functional abilities in the target language.
7- Building cultural communicational bridges between the learner-tourist and the target language community, and deepening his understanding of the issues of Turkish society.
8- Saving a lot of time and effort needed by traditional education programs.
9- Introducing the learner-tourist to the cultural specificities of society, living every moment, and each situation with its own references that help them understand the thinking structures of the people around them, and how they use language with different life issues, making him functionally able to use the language in different contexts correctly, and helping him understand the Turkish reality well.

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