Data Archiving Policy

Once an article has been published in the RIMAR, the editorial board strongly encourages authors to archive the original article text (PDF from the journal website/archive) in publicly available and permanent repositories.  The Journal make no recommendation or suggestion as to which repositories are most appropriate but encourage authors to identify those which best meet their needs as well as the needs of those who will be accessing the data.

Rimar Academy Open Access System serves scientific products such as books, articles, and papers. The system covers digital copies of all Arabic, English and Turkish manuscripts and printed works conversed at our library. New materials and products have recently been added to the system.

"RIMAR provides Long-term preservation service(s) where the journal content is currently archived", Internet Archive as third-party service(s) are accepted, and content is actively deposited.  

Your personal information will only be used by the MINAR to communicate with you about your submissions and reviews; to request reviews or to give you general information about the journal, for example, forthcoming special issues. It will not be passed to any third party except where you have explicitly given consent. Please note that once published, articles will remain online in perpetuity and will not be deleted, even if the author's account is subsequently deleted.

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