Manager's Message


It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you at Rimar Academy. First of all, I want to convey my deep appreciation for you, and all that you have done to help this institution earn its standing. We are so honored to join you, to share in your great work and to help champion your further successes.

In this short message, I chose to introduce you the young, dynamic, and progressive education institution -Rimar Academy- that was established in Istanbul, Turkey, to provide an outstanding environment for education and scientific research in accordance with International quality standards in the field of social and human sciences.

Believing that the future of our communities depends on well-educated people, I am incredibly excited to be leading such an important professional academy, because it provides learners with all the essential scientific and educational elements that help them to contribute to community and humanity, considering both educational field and research aspect, as they complete each other.

Rimar works on a distinct model that produces unique knowledge in social, linguistic, administrative, political, religious, historical, geographical, legal, and even psychological issues. It transforms the knowledge generated into a social benefit by focusing on the problems, needs and expectations of the international community.

Having so many great people and so many opportunities, Rimar remains a spring of the science and knowledge for scholars, learners and researchers.

Rimar Academy works professionally to establish a prestigious position for itself both at the national, regional and international levels. And we are so proud of our close relationship with the public and private sector, in addition to openness to international academic institutions.

I connected with so many academic institutions of the world to build relationships, collaborate on events and create awareness and understanding for Rimar Academy’s goals.

Rimar’s team works hardly to meet all the requirements that ensure the needed environment for the education process. I’m so inspired every day by all the people who make this Academy a creative, innovative, and fabulously knowledge source.

We thank all people who helped Rimar to see the light, hoping to meet you in Istanbul, whose name is still known as the spring of knowledge, the city that does not need to define.

Finally, I look forward to working together with all of you as we go forward. I sincerely hope for your further support, guidance, and cooperation.

Kind Regards…

General Manager

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