Rimar Academy Publishing House was established in Istanbul on 06/26/2020 under license No. 47843, and this license was granted copyright based on Law No. 5846 related to authorship, printing and publishing.  It is an international publishing house that has fulfilled the academic requirements. It publishes scientific and translated books by authors at the local and international levels.  It aims to publish scientific books by authors in Türkiye and abroad without compromising the scientific and academic quality, and to deliver them to the largest segment of readers in Türkiye and abroad. The publishing house of Rimar Academy publishes books in the fields of language, education, history, geography, culture, arts, and others. It bears the specifications of an international publishing house, supports business and scientific activities, and will continue to support them.  The house believes in archiving scientific books through the website, which supports all scientific journals with an open access policy.  Since 2019, we have been using the Doi system to document all of our publications.  The family of Rimar Publishing House is working to provide you with the best services, and thanks all the authors and readers who do not skimp on their support.

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