Director of Rimar Academy signed a Scientific Cooperation Protocol with Tikrit University


Rimar Academy signed a scientific cooperation agreement with University of Tikrit in Iraq order to enhance the relation between them.

As a representative of The Iraqi University of Tikrit Prof. Dr. Fouad Farhan Hussein while As a representative of Rimar Academy, Mr. Amir Kaplan.

The cooperation agreement between Tikrit University and Rimar Academy included the exchange of scientific expertise, training and qualification courses, and the promotion of joint work for the best.

Prof. Dr. Fouad Farhan Hussein expressed his gladness in meeting Mr. Amir Kaplan, pointed to the importance of the scientific agreement between Tikrit University and Rimar Academy, which contributes to scientific advancement and the promotion of ideas between them.

Mr. Kaplan considers that the cooperation with Tikrit University will be the first step towards knowledge and more scientific activities and leadership programs. He stresses that the assigning of the protocol will form another new scientific addition for a general benefit for academics and other interested. Finally, Mr. Kaplan hopes for more research and scientific works that may enrich man’s knowledge and the cognitive perceptions

It must be noted that Rimar academy through the previous times hold various agreements and protocols of cooperation with Turkish scientific and educational institutions besides Turkish and Arabic universities

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