Rimar Academy signed a Scientific Cooperation Protocol with Abai University of Kazakhistan.

Director of Rimar Academy signed a scientific cooperation protocol with Abai University of kazakhistan.

Rimar Academy held a scientific and a research cooperation protocol with the Abai University of Kazakhistan, on scientific research congress organized on 21, 22, 23 and 24 May 2022 in cooperation with several Turkish and international universities.

As a representative of Rimar Academy, Mr. Amir Kaplan, Director of the Academy, while the University of Abai was represented by Prof. Dr. Aktolkyn TURLYHANOVNA, the Vice President of the University.

The signing of the scientific protocol between the Academy and the Kazakh University aims to enhance scientific and research cooperation between the two parties, in addition to holding qualifying and training courses and raising the level of academics in various majors.

Mr. Kaplan expressed his happiness to cooperate with Abai University and to culminate working with it through the scientific cooperation protocol which establishes a true future partnership for the benefit of the academy, researchers and university students.

And emphasized that the cooperation protocol with Kazakh University of Abai is so important for academics, exchange of information, and organization of scientific and research activities that develop the capabilities of researchers and increase their knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Aktolkyn TURLYHANOVNA pointed out the importance of cooperating through this protocol, which will give an opportunity for researchers to prove their competence and qualify them professionally and scientifically.

It must be noted that Rimar academy through the previous times hold various agreements and protocols of cooperation with Turkish scientific and educational institutions besides Turkish and Arabic universities

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