II. International Congress of Humanities and Educational Research

Scholars and scientists have not argued about anything in the history of human knowledge as much as they did about the problem of man, were studying his past became “History,” and studying his relationships with his peers became “Sociology,” and studying his own behaviour became “Psychology,” and studying his raising others became “Education.”

It is inarguable that humanistic sciences existed by the existence of man and developed along with his development since the goal is not only expanding its fields that enriched human knowledge with new materials, but rather the drastic development that man has achieved while creating and developing the topics of said fields, aided largely by natural science fields.

The last century witnessed a systematic revolution in the humanistic sciences, not only in terms of the precise scientific results sought by new methodologies, but also in the form of the emerging humanistic issues imposed by contemporary life, such as globalisation, identity, culture clashes, the future of human relations in light of technology, and the humanitarian, social, and psychological problems caused by the emergence of Corona Virus at the end of the second decade of the twenty-first century.

Thus, the Turkish state University of Bitlis Eren, along with Rimar Academy, have organised The Second International Congress of Humanities and Educational Researches, with in-person attendance in Istanbul and online teleconference 7th-9th of September 2021.

The event organisers extend their invitation to all scholars, academics, university professors, scientists, and all who are interested in the fields of humanistic sciences and contemporary studies to attend the event, providing a chance to contribute with new scientific views in response to the emerging contemporary humanistic issues in the modern society. The goal of this event can only be achieved through communication between the participants, lead by the head of the research team that the event organisers are trying to create.

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