IV. International Social Sciences Congress

Human self-knowledge has been a fundamental subject of social and human sciences from ancient times until now, and if Greek philosophy has been characterized by the universal encyclopedic aspect, the modern stage has witnessed a systematic separation of social sciences from intuitive reasoning philosophy.

There is no doubt that the social sciences have developed with the development of man at all historical stages. Not only , subjects in the fields of human knowledge has expanded to issues that were not known before, but the most important thing is the major fundamental development that man has achieved in the study curricula of the various social sciences subjects.

After the great success and good reputation of our previous Congresses the public University of Harran, in cooperation with Rimar Academy, organize the IV. International Congress for Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences, in attendance in Istanbul as well as online 16 to 18 November 2021.

The Congress administration calls for all interested people, whether researchers, academics, university professors, scientists, all interested in the field of social studies to participate in this Congress, which provides an opportunity to contribute to the presentation of new scientific visions that respond to the urgent need posed by the emerging issues in modern human society, An aim which can be achieved only throw an interactive relationship led by a research team.

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