Rimar Academy announces the upcoming Dubai International Conference of Pure and Applied and Technological Sciences in Dubai on January 5, 2024.

I.Dubai International Conference of Pure and Applied and Technological Sciences

We are pleased to announce

the First Dubai International Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, organized by Rimar Academy. The conference will offer participants the choice of attending in person or remotely through online means

📅 The date: January 5,6,7 2024

🇹🇷 The location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The topics/axes

Axes of Exact and Applied Sciences:

  • Biology
    Computer Science
    Remote Sensing Sciences

Axes of Engineering Sciences:

  • Civil Engineering
    Architecture Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Materials Engineering and Renewable Energies
    Laser Engineering

Axis of Agricultural Sciences:

  • Plant Science and Crop Production
    Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry
    Agricultural Engineering and Mechanization
    Animal Science and Livestock Production
    Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
    Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
    Horticulture and Landscape Design
    Plant Protection and Pest Management
    Food Science and Technology
    Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
    Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management

Axes of Medical Sciences:

  • Medicine and Surgery
    Pediatrics and Child Health
    Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Internal Medicine
    Psychiatry and Mental Health
    Radiology and Medical Imaging
    Anesthesiology and Critical Care
    Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
    Pharmacology and Pharmacy
    Public Health and Epidemiology
    Medical Education and Medical Ethics
    Medical Research and Clinical Trials
    Rehabilitation Medicine
    Sports Medicine
    Medical Genetics
    Geriatrics and Aging
    Palliative Care and Hospice
    Emergency Medicine

Axis of Nursing Science:

  • undamentals of Nursing
    Medical-Surgical Nursing
    Pediatric Nursing
    Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing
    Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
    Community and Public Health Nursing
    Geriatric Nursing
    Critical Care Nursing
    Nursing Management and Leadership
    Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice
    Nursing Education and Professional Development
    Palliative and Hospice Nursing
    Nursing Informatics and Technology
    Maternal and Child Health Nursing
    Nursing Ethics and Legal Issues
    Nursing and Healthcare Quality Improvement

Axis of Veterinary Medicine:

  • Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology
    Veterinary Pathology
    Veterinary Microbiology and Immunology
    Veterinary Pharmacology and Toxicology
    Veterinary Parasitology
    Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesia
    Veterinary Medicine and Therapeutics
    Veterinary Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging
    Veterinary Obstetrics and Gynecology
    Veterinary Nutrition and Animal Feeding
    Veterinary Public Health and Epidemiology
    Veterinary Infectious Diseases
    Veterinary Preventive Medicine
    Veterinary Zoonotic Diseases
    Veterinary Ethics and Animal Welfare
    Wildlife and Conservation Medicine
    Veterinary Clinical Pathology
    Veterinary Dermatology
    Veterinary Ophthalmology
    Veterinary Dentistry

Axes of Engineering Technology:

  • Civil Engineering Technology
    Mechanical Engineering Technology
    Electrical Engineering Technology
    Electronics Engineering Technology
    Computer Engineering Technology
    Telecommunication Engineering Technology
    Biomedical Engineering Technology
    Industrial Engineering Technology
    Chemical Engineering Technology
    Environmental Engineering Technology
    Automotive Engineering Technology
    Aerospace Engineering Technology
    Mechatronics Engineering Technology
    Renewable Energy Engineering Technology
    Robotics and Automation Engineering Technology
    Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials Engineering Technology
    Information Technology and Software Engineering Technology
    Networking and Communication Technology
    Smart Cities and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology
    Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

Axes of Pharmacy:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy
    Pharmaceutical Technology and Drug Delivery
    Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry
    Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control
    Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice
    Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
    Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Immunology
    Pharmaceutical Formulation and Development
    Pharmacy Management and Administration
    Regulatory Affairs and Pharmaceutical Policy
    Pharmacoeconomics and Pharmaceutical Marketing
    Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
    Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
    Herbal and Alternative Medicine
    Pharmaceutical Education and Research
    Pharmaceutical Ethics and Social Pharmacy
    Drug Interactions and Medication Management
    Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
    Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics

Axes of Dentistry:

  • Dental Anatomy and Oral Histology
    Dental Materials and Biomaterials
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Periodontology (Gum Diseases)
    Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)
    Prosthodontics (Dental Prosthetics)
    Orthodontics (Braces and Aligners)
    Pediatric Dentistry
    Oral Medicine and Radiology
    Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer
    Dental Implantology
    Cosmetic Dentistry
    Oral Health and Preventive Dentistry
    Dental Public Health and Epidemiology
    Dental Education and Dental Ethics
    Dental Sleep Medicine
    Temporomandibular Disorders (TMJ)
    Forensic Odontology
    Digital Dentistry and Dental Technology
    Dental Practice Management

Division of Medical Laboratory Technology:

  • Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Hematology and Hematological Techniques
    Clinical Microbiology and Microbiological Techniques
    Immunology and Immunological Techniques
    Serology and Blood Banking
    Clinical Parasitology and Parasitological Techniques
    Clinical Urinalysis and Urine Analysis
    Molecular Diagnostics and Genetic Testing
    Histopathology and Cytology
    Clinical Immunohematology
    Medical Laboratory Instrumentation and Automation
    Quality Control and Assurance in Medical Laboratories
    Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)
    Laboratory Management and Administration
    Laboratory Safety and Biosecurity

Division of Biomedical Engineering:

  • Biomedical Instrumentation and Medical Devices
    Biomechanics and Biomaterials
    Medical Imaging and Image Processing
    Biomedical Signal Processing
    Biomedical Optics and Lasers
    Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
    Biomedical Sensors and Biosensors
    Medical Robotics and Automation
    Rehabilitation Engineering
    Neural Engineering and Brain-Computer Interfaces
    Biomedical Data Analysis and Machine Learning
    Biomedical Nanotechnology
    Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
    Biomedical Modeling and Simulation
    Bioelectrics and Electrophysiology
    Biomedical Artificial Intelligence
    Biomedical Ethics and Biomedical Law
    Biomedical Engineering Education and Research

Division of Medical Devices Engineering Technology:

  • Medical Device Design and Development
    Biomedical Instrumentation and Sensors
    Medical Imaging Equipment Technology
    Diagnostic and Monitoring Devices
    Therapeutic Medical Devices
    Prosthetics and Orthotics Technology
    Assistive and Rehabilitation Devices
    Wearable Health Technology
    Medical Device Software and Firmware
    Regulatory and Quality Compliance in Medical Devices
    Biocompatibility and Materials Selection
    Human Factors and Ergonomics in Medical Device Design
    Usability and User Experience (UX) of Medical Devices
    Medical Device Testing and Validation
    Medical Device Manufacturing and Production
    Maintenance and Servicing of Medical Devices
    Wireless and IoT Integration in Medical Devices
    Medical Device Innovation and Entrepreneurship


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