The efforts of Rimar Academy have been honored with the international ISO award.

Rimar Academy has been awarded with the international award known as ISO. The academy announced the receiving of its latest award of Management Systems for Educational Organizations which offers many services.

This award came as a result of all the great achievements the academy had accomplished in a very short period of time.

The academy was able to apply the best of the Management Systems for Educational Organizations principles to meet the level that satisfy the needs and demands of the researchers and the associates working with the academy and those who work with research institutions in the State of Turkey.

These efforts to apply the Management Systems for Educational Organizations came to acquire this sophisticated certificate to enable the academy to meet all requirements of researches, learners, and all parties of the educational, scientific and research arenas. 

From that stand, the academy started off to meet all needs and requirements of researchers and learners, and to contribute transparently to achieve better results.

Rimar Academy continues its way to provide a better quality services to keep up to date with the latest standards of the international certificate.

On this occasion, the academy’s media team ran a short interview with the manager of Rimar Academy, Mr. Amir Kaplan to talk about this achievement.

Mr. Kaplan started by expressing his joy for winning this certificate after all the efforts done in the field of research and scientific studies in the academy.

He also stressed that winning this award is a great honor and privilege which culminates all the efforts of the teamwork of the academy to better the reseach and educational services.

Mr. Kaplan added saying that winning this award is a victory for all members of the operating team in Rimar academy, and it will be an encouragement for them to achieve more and strive to better the quality of research, education, and consultancy.

At the end of the interview Mr. Kaplan promised to contribute with the operating team at the academy to offer the highest possible educational and scientific services, in order to progress more in the performance of Management Systems for Educational Organizations, to reach the needed international standards.

He ended the interview by stressing on continuing to keep the quality level of the educational and research services at the academy and keep on advancing towards a better future and contribute to offer the highest levels of professionality and reliability.

And for the principles of the Management Systems for Educational Organizations in terms of ISO certificate: data safety and protection, as well as ethics, reachability, and justice.

In addition, the principles of the Management Systems for Educational Organizations contain the social responsibility and the management of the relations and decisions based on evidence, as well as bettering the individuals’ participation and advancing the educational process, which also would reflect positively on the guided leadership and would focus on learners and researchers. 

Management Systems for Educational Organizations aims to be adequate for all levels of education, starting from primary to higher education, as well as e-learning.

The services also cover the vocational education centers, as this system is in harmony with all other management systems, not to mention its emphasis on the interaction between the educational institution and the other involved parties.

The ISO is considered the first in issuing such internationally standardized certification that has to do with research and educational institutions.

It is worth mentioning that the Management Systems for Educational Organizations focuses on intertwining the research and educational institutions, and the researchers and learners and all those working in relevant fields.

ISO 21001 is considered an autonomous operating system and goes very well with the standards of other management systems via following the structure of ISO specification HLS.

This ISO 21001 operating system provides effective tools for the institutions that offer research and educational products and services to adequately meet the demands of the researchers and other customers to meet their satisfaction. 

Furthermore, Rimar Academy is one of the pioneering research and educational institutions that earned the trust of researchers in Turkey and many other countries around the world.

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