Rimar Academy signed a Scientific Cooperation Protocol with Karabuk University

Rimar academy offered a scientific cooperation protocol with Karbuk University, the Turkish official university, to increase the scientific research work between the two.

          As a representative of Rimar Academy, Dr. Othman Turk assigned the protocol with Prof. Dr. Refik POLAT as the president and the representative of Karbuk University. The protocol allows the cooperation and coordination in accommodating the  international congress in management and economic sciences that will be held in Istanbul. It contains the program of fostering the work and the disciplined coordination for the international congress in management and economic sciences activities. The protocol aims for more cooperation in scientific congresses, researches, and studies besides in developing resources of researchers and interested. For more details, Dr. Othman Turk, the head of the scientific affairs in Rimar Academy gave a speech about how to seek to organize the next management and economic sciences.Turk adds that the main reason behind that coordination with Karbuk University is to make use of sharing offers to achieve the scientific programs, studies, and the management and economic sciences of the two groups. He affirms the fact that they seek to elevate the research work and studies to reach scientific studies and develop the management and economic sciences and their relationship with society through the next congress.Turk considers that the cooperation with Karbuk University will be the first step towards knowledge and more scientific activities and leadership programs. He stresses that the assigning of the protocol will form another new scientific addition for a general benefit for academics and other interested. Finally, Turk hopes for more research and scientific works that may enrich man’s knowledge and the cognitive perceptions.

        It must be noted that Rimar academy through the previous times hold various agreements and protocols of cooperation with Turkish scientific and educational institutions besides Turkish and Arabic universities.   

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