Rimar Academy signs a cooperation protocol with the Igdir University

The Turkish Rimar Academy for Scientific Studies and Research signed a cooperation protocol with the Igdir University, in The VI. International Research Congress of Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences.

Igdir University was represented  by the Rector of Iğdır University Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakkı ALMA  in the signing of  the agreement, while Rimar Academy was represented by its Director, Mr. Amir Kaplan.

Prof. Dr. Alma considered that this agreement with Rimar Academy will open the horizons of scientific and research work and will give an  opportunity to develop science and knowledge between researchers and the university.

Prof. Dr. Alma pointed out the importance of cooperation with Mr. Kaplan and the team of the Rimar Academy, which is distinguished for its activities and cooperation with Turkish public universities.

Mr. Kaplan also pointed out the need for such agreements between educational institutions to achieve the desired results and contribute to increasing communication between the university and researchers.

Mr. Kaplan concluded his speech by emphasizing the pursuit of the highest levels of cooperation with Turkish and International Universities and redoubling efforts in order to ensure the success of these protocols to the fullest extent for the benefit of humanity.

The VI. International Research Congress of Contemporary Studies in Social Sciences has achieved remarkable success at the scientific, organizational and research levels, chiefly in light of the interest of academics and heads of Turkish and international universities in its presence.


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