Signing a cooperation agreement between Rimar Academy and Istanbul University

After the great success achieved by Rimar Academy in its pioneering scientific and research career. The Academy continued its cooperation with a number of public and private universities in Türkiye.

The Academy agreed with Istanbul University on scientific and research cooperation and the exchange of information and programs in a way that contributes to raising the level of academics and researchers in the various fields of science and knowledge.

Mr. Amir Kaplan, Director of Rimar Academy, praised the existing scientific and research cooperation between the Academy and Istanbul University for its role in building the human being and arming him with science, culture and knowledge.

Regarding the areas of cooperation with Istanbul University, Mr. Kaplan explained that they seek, through cooperation with Istanbul University, to hold workshops for students, exchange information as well as scientific and research experiences between the Academy and the University, in addition to organizing diploma programs in various specializations.

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