The director of the Rimar Academy has visited Dubai and participated in the graduation for the Diploma in Behavior and Treatment trainees.

Rimar Academy, in cooperation with Istanbul Gedik University, held an honoring and graduation ceremony for the Diploma in Behavior Analysis and Treatment with Art and Story, on board the largest hotel ship (Queen Elizabeth 2) in the Emirate of Dubai.

Mr. Amir Kaplan has participated in graduating more than 23 trainees from schools and kindergartens in Jerusalem, which was organized by the Rimar Academy in cooperation with Istanbul Gedik University in Dubai.

 Mr. Kaplan has delivered diploma attendance certificates and honored the participating trainees, in the presence of the coordinator of the diploma program in Dubai, Dr. Karima Elmadhoon 

Mr. Kaplan promised to continue organizing diplomas and academic training courses in cooperation with Arab, Turkish and international educational institutions, in a way that contributes to the society's progress and development.

Mr. Kaplan has expressed his pleasure about his short stay in the city of Dubai, where he took advantage of his trip to explore the features of the city and its endless civilization, a city of huge cultural and human exchange, a melting pot of races, cultures and languages.  


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