The Director of Rimar Academy has Visited Azerbaijan and He has Met The Turkish Ambassador and The Turkish Advisor of Education

Mr. Amir Kaplan, Director of the Turkish Rimar Academy, has visited the Republic of Azerbaijan accompanied by Dr. Osman Turk, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Academy in order to discuss  cooperations in many fields concerning scientific, cultural and research matters.

Mr. Kaplan has met the Turkish Ambassador in Azerbaijan, Dr. (Cahit Bağcı) as well as the Turkish  Advisor of Education;  Professor (Ali Rıza Altunel),  where  Dr. Turk, head  of the scientific council of Rimar Academy was present as well.

TheTurkish Ambassador in Azerbaijan welcomed Mr. Kaplan, praising his efforts concerning the developement of research works, the promotion of scientific researches and the organisation of specialized conferences firstly in Türkiye  and in the world.

Mr. Kaplan has started his meeting with the Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan and the Turkish advisor of education by introducing the Turkish Rimar Academy,by presenting its scientific and research activities;its role in gathering researchers to discuss their ideas and proposals in various fields.

The director of the Rimar Academy stressed on the importance of the meeting with the Turkish ambassador and the Turkish advisor of education for the sake of new perspectives regarding future works  with the State of Azerbaijan; for the purpose of establishing scientific and research partnerships between the two parties in the near future.

Mr. Kaplan has invited the Turkish Ambassador in Azerbaijan and the Turkish Education Consultant to attend and participate in the scientific researches' events held by the Rimar Academy, whether in Istanbul; Türkiye or in Azerbaijan.

The director of the Turkish Remar Academy has taken advantage of the meeting with the Turkish ambassador in Azerbaijan and the Turkish advisor of education to invite them to participate in the activities of the women's conference organized by the Rimar Academy next March in Istanbul.

During the meeting, commemorative shields were handed to His Excellency the Ambassador and the Turkish advisor of education in Azerbaijan, in a friendly and respectful atmosphere.

The Rimar Academy is active in Türkiye at all scientific and researches' levels and seeks to prove its effective presence in the international scene of scientific researches through its advanced activities and events that attract hundreds of researcherswho are interested bythe developmentof scientific researchesinside and outside the Republic of Türkiye.

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