Mr. Amir Kaplan, continued his scientific meetings, accompanied by Dr. Osman Turk, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Rimar Academy.

Mr. Amir Kaplan, Director of Rimar Academy, continued his scientific and friendly meetings with a number of academic figures, during his visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan, accompanied by Dr. Osman Turk, Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Rimar Academy.

Mr. Kaplan met with: Prof. Dr. Anar Nağryev, President of Slavyan University, and a number of vice-presidents of international relations, he also met with Vice-President of Avrasiya University, Prof. Dr. Siy.ü.f.d.,dos. SƏYAVUŞ QASIMOV, as well as the Higher Institutes of Folklore, Philosophy, International Relations and Literature of the Higher Education Council, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Turk.

During the meeting, the discussions were about many scientific and research topics,  educational departments at the universities,and the  services provided by Azerbaijani universities to students.

Mr. Kaplan briefed Nagriv and Hussainli on the reality of Rimar Academy's work, its scientific and research activities; the advanced rehabilitation; the training courses it implements in cooperation with many Turkish universities, Arab and international. It was agreed to organize an expanded session protocol of cooperation between the Academy and the Slavic University.

During the meeting with Nagriv and Husseinli, Mr. Kaplan refered to the role of Rimar Academy in organizing advanced scientific and research conferences in Türkiye and the interest of scholars from Turkish and international universities to participate in, and their willingness to support and make them successful.

Regarding the aims of the scientific meetings that he conducts during his visit to Azerbaijan, Mr. Kaplan explained that they are  seeking to introduce Rimar Academy; the activities that it is keen to implement in order to serve academics, develop society and promote it to the best, as well as expanding Rimar work space.

The director of Rimar Academy has also pointed out that they are making strenuous efforts in order to open new and future work perspectives with the "Slavian and Afrasia" universities in Azerbaijan  to enhance cooperation between the academy and the higher scientific and educational institutions there.

Mr. Kaplan insisted on  the need to focus on scientific meetings to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood between the two sides in order to cooperate with the two universities  to sponsor the upcoming conferences in Türkiye and Azerbaijan.

 on their part, Nagriv and Hosseinli thanked Mr. Kaplan and Dr. Turk for their visit, emphasizing the importance of meeting the director of  Rimar Academy, which is developing significantly  by improving its work to advanced scientific levels.

Professors Nagriv and Hosseinli have also praised the efforts of Mr. Kaplan and Rimar Academy team who are  contributing in raising the level of science and research presented in scientific conferences.

He has also thanked both Prof. Anar Nağryev and Prof. Dr. Siy.ü.f.d.,dos. SƏYAVUŞ QASIMOV for the invitation that Mr. Kaplan extended to them to attend the first media and communication conference as well as the social sciences conference, which will be held in Istanbul, Türkiye.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Kaplan and Dr. Turk exchanged memorial shields with the two professors: "Nagriv and Hosseinli", who expressed their amazement about the work of  Rimar Academy and its efforts for the sake of serving humanity.The director of Rimar Academy had started a scientific tour this month in some countries, during which he has visited a number of heads of universities and educational media institutions in Dubai, Qatar, and most recently in Azerbaijan.

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